Investigate Allegations Against Prolacta

We are committed to getting to the bottom of the numerous allegations against Prolacta. The best way to do that is to contact the Board of Directors of Prolacta, Prolacta's top investors, and Prolacta's CEO Scott Elster AND ask them the questions listed below (and any other concerns that you have). These men are, through action or inaction, part of the problem unless they undertake a comprehensive internal investigation of Prolacta's practices. 

Please call Prolacta at  +1-626-599-9260 and ask to speak with Scott Elser, their CEO. 

Please ask him and the board members some of the questions mentioned on the Homepage including: 

What are their intentions for this part of their business, people or profit? 

Will they commit to reasonable pricing and put price caps on their mother’s milk? 

What else will they do to make sure that mother’s milk is affordable to ALL moms and ALL infants? 

Will they agree not to engage in malicious lawsuits against other milk banks? The milk banking community should be fighting for the lives of sick babies, not fighting for their very existence against predatory behavior. 

Will they commit to the fair competition pledge and stop disenfranchising existing mother’s milk banks? 

Will they agree to not disenfranchise existing collectives and non-profits? At the end of the day if collectives and non-profits are run out of business then prices will go up and accessibility will go down. 

Board Members

David Brailer (415) 362-5800

Dan Janney (415) 362-4022

Braden Kelly (415) 362-5800

Martin P. Sutter (650) 543-1555

Lead Investors

Health Evolution Partners (David Brailer and Braden Kelly) 

Essex Woodlands (Martin Sutter) 

Alta Partners (Dan Janney)