How YOU Can Help

Have you donated milk to Prolacta Bioscience? There are allegations of mishandling of donor DNA made by the former Director of Human Resources at Prolacta.

The best thing you can do to help is to call Prolacta and their board members and ask them key questions.    

What are your intentions serving  the NICU, people or profit?  

Will you commit to reasonable pricing and price caps for mother’s milk to make sure all babies can get it?

What else will you do to make sure that mother’s milk is affordable to ALL moms and ALL infants? 

Will you commit to providing mother’s milk to the infants most in need not the ones with the best insurance or the most money? 

Will you commit to the fair competition pledge and agree to not disenfranchise existing collectives and non-profits. At the end of the day, don’t you think that if these collectives and non-profits are run out of business then prices will go up and accessibility will go down?

I’ve heard some concern that Prolacta may be trying to run other folks out of business so they can increase prices. Is this true?    

The contact information for the Big Pharma companies can be found on the Big Pharma+Mother’s Milk section of the website. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions at:

Daisy Murphy